sebastian häger born 1979 in bad-frankenhausen
2009 – 2015 master at the university of the arts berlin
lives and works in berlin

artistically exploring the realms of the interspace

exhibitions at art.aquabit gallery, udk tour (2010-2015), l32, kindl brauerei in berlin

curatorial focus on site-specific exhibitions and diverting approaches to the concept of reality #newrealism

curated shows

forthcoming andrew pekler, kiwi menrath, reiner maria matysik at galerie weisser elefant
autohaus mitte | folke köbberling, martin kaltwasser | 2018 | galerie weisser elefant 
konnex | tim trantenroth | 2018 | galerie weisser elefant 
uncertain sounds | jan jelinek, lucrecia dalt, andrew pekler, felicity mangan, moritz simon geist, driftmachine, daniela huerta, stefan römer, ioana vreme moser | 2018 | galerie weisser elefant 
grabenblicke | alex lebus, marten schech, katharina bevand, lawrence power | 2018 | bärenzwinger   
fur agency | neozoon | | 2018 | bärenzwinger
statement&dialogue | borgman|lenk, angelika middendorf | 2017 | ruine der franziskaner klosterkirche